Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Snout Out!

Just a little Sunday SNOUT OUT to all my Eskie, non-Eskie, and feline peeps out there reading my blog on this lovely Sunday afternoon!

It's the last day of the Olympics. It's Team USA vs. Canada in hockey right now! GO TEAM USA!! (Did you know Canadian Eskies say "aboot" and not "about"! What's that all aboot/about?!?

As my human Daddy is a born and (non-Eskie-bred) Chicagoan (he wanted to be Bobby Hull when he grew up), he's torn. There are Blackhawks on both teams!! But he's hopeful that Team USA will triumph! WOOF!

My human Daddy is also going to make my human Mommy "Lobster Macaroni and Cheese" for dinner tonight. I can't have any of that. Grrrrr. But I'll bet you that Gromit will be hovering around the thawing lobster. He's the only feline I know that gets to eat both crab and lobster. There are felines living out in the Northeast that don't get to eat lobster or crab.

My human Daddy also smoked some pulled pork over the weekend. I at least got to have a few pieces of that before he poured barbecue sauce over it. YUM! My human Daddy is a very, very, very good cook.


  1. Hey Tegan, you are a very informed eskie, keeping up with current events. Somehow that doesn't surprise me. I guess that's all being part of the entertainment industry, which you keep active in very well.

  2. What a cool sticker! I hope your pawrents had a great time at dinner.:)

    Teddy Bear

  3. Hi Tegan, Now that the Olymics are over, we're hoping that there will be another season of Greatest American Dog. Mom was enamoured with Preston, the little Pomeranian who looked like a mini me, but had a funny punk haircut. I kind of liked him myself.

    Hugs and yips,