Friday, February 26, 2010


And now, here’s your movie quote trivia of the day featuring a plethora of the use of the word plethora:

Jefe: I have put many beautiful pinatas in the storeroom, each of them filled with little surprises.
El Guapo: Many pinatas?
Jefe: Oh yes, many!
El Guapo: Would you say I have a plethora of pinatas?
Jefe: A what?
El Guapo: A *plethora*.
Jefe: Oh yes, you have a plethora.
El Guapo: Jefe, what is a plethora?
Jefe: Why, El Guapo?
El Guapo: Well, you told me I have a plethora. And I just would like to know if you know what a plethora is. I would not like to think that a person would tell someone he has a plethora, and then find out that that person has *no idea* what it means to have a plethora.
Jefe: Forgive me, El Guapo. I know that I, Jefe, do not have your superior intellect and education. But could it be that once again, you are angry at something else, and are looking to take it out on me?

A prize of Eskie hugs for the first person to name this movie. I gave you a lot to go on. It's easy.

P.S. There were no Eskies in this movie. Grrrrrrrrr.


  1. We have no idea what the movie is but we love the video of all the eskies!!

    We hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. Three Amigos!!! There should have been Eskies in that movie.:)

    Teddy Bear

  3. I have never seen the Three Amigos. But, that is a good conversation about plethora.

    We know those people in the video! Many of those people are from the Eskie Board? Are you a member of the Eskie Board? If not, you should join!

  4. Yes Teddy snout out to you because the Three Amigos it is!!! WHOOO WHOOO!!I totally agree they should have had Eskies in that movie put at least we can see a cute one in the Proposal =) know many in that video? How cool! We're on the Eskie board but Mom is on Facebook farming a lot so it's hard for me to get access!!! Mommy!! Stop farming!!!