Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SNOUT OUT: Riding The Storm Out

Boy oh boy have we had our share of bad weather lately but I'm happy to report all is well.
This is how I spent lots of this past weekend....yep....that's a high fashion Thundershirt I'm wearing. Snicker if you dare.....it keeps me calm. I give the Thundershirt 4 paws up!
I have to say that I'm sorry I have been a lazy blogger lately but let me catch you up to speed on all the latest news:
  • My feline brother Gromit was diagnosed as diabetic....Mommy & Daddy have to give him scary injections!!!!  I run just in case they ever think I might need those pointy things too!!! He's feeling better but I'm just waiting for the day he no longer pushes me away from MY WATER BOWL!!
  • Dad has to have hip replacement surgery and although I don't really know what that means...I'm hopeful that translates to more walkies for me!
  • Mommy now volunteers with the Chicagoland Eskie Rescue and while it's cool to sniff her when she comes home from wherever she goes as she smells like other eskies....I'm nervous she will come home with one. C'mon now....there can be only one!!!
  • Our household was very saddened to hear of the passing of our fave blogger Casper D Eskie. His adventures are legendary and to say he will be and is missed, is such an understatement.
  • Mommy and Daddy took a couple brief trips this year....in May, they went to Mwke as Mom adores this RickSpringfield person and Daddy likes the casino....oh and Mommy was much more excited when they ran into this Rick person and his wife in the elevator! Also, they went cruising Route 66 and I didn't even get a crummy t shirt.....hmmmm...I didn't think I've been behaving badly. I'll have to have a chat with mgmt!
  • Me, hey it's the usual....avoiding the neighbor kids, adults and poochies while growling and barking wildly at them all. Business and usual indeed. I'll put in a word with Mommy to let me have computer time! 
I miss you all and hope everyone is well!
Love, Tegan