Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Baby Maya!!

My bipedal mommy found one of my babies!!!!

This is a picture of one of my dear little puppies. Her name is Maya. LOOK! She has my snout!

She also apparently likes to get wet.

This is definitely my little girl! I like being in the yard, too!!

Your Mommy is sooooo happy you found a home, Maya!!!

I hope all of my little Eskie/Husky puppies are having as good of a life as little Maya is having!!!

Well, I say she's little, but she looks bigger than me. WOOF! I'm still your Mommy!!!


  1. That is awesome that your mom found one of your babies! It is great that she has a good home too! She is very cute - she totally takes after you in that sense, even if she does look more huskie then eskie!

  2. Hi Tegan, how neat you found one of your puppies! Maybe you can continue to keep in contact with your puppy's family! Are you close in distance?

    She is a beautiful huskie/eskie mix! I can see the resemblance.

    Your Momma is a Grandma! How cool is that?! I'm so excited for the both of you!

    ~Prints the Cat

    p.s. Maya is a beautiful name. My Mom has always loved that name.

  3. Your baby is a beauty...and she does have your regal nose! Maya is a very pretty name. I also hope all your children are in caring nurturing forever homes.

  4. Yep, from what Mommy was told....all my pups have good forever homes! I had six puppies....four that looked like me and two that were more Husky looking. We found Maya ...Balto is the only male and he is the second husky looking pup. I have also seen pictures of Mollie who is anothe eskie looking pup but I can't recall where Balto and mollie live. I'll have to ask Mommy to get on this and ask Louise more about my babies!!! Maybe we can locate all of them!!! Happy Saturday to all!! Snuggle up to your family today!