Thursday, February 25, 2010

Official Counting MY Blessings Day

You know, I came to live with Mom, Dad and Gromit a little over two years ago and I am sooooooo thankful.

Life is good.

No matter what anyone says.....LIFE IS GOOD.

Sending out fuzzy eskie happiness to all my friends and their families and to you if I don't know you yet!

Love and woof woofs,



  1. Hi Teagan! We are so glad you are so happy at your forever home! We think it is great!!

  2. Hi Tegan - you should get a "Gotcha Day" and celebrate it in addition to your birthday like Siku does. I know I have one, but Mom has to sort through her files (???) to find out.

    Oliver's "Gotcha Day" is on my birthday, December 24th. It's bad enough to have a birthday so close to Christmas and even worse to have to SHARE it.

    Hugs and yips,
    Cappy - and Oliver too

  3. Hi Cappy....Gotcha Day...I love it!!

    I guess we'll have to start next year...we already missed it this year...Feb 9 is now proclaimed GOTCHA DAY!