Monday, August 2, 2010


Hi Everyone,
I'm sorry I have not barked much lately but actually it's been kinda hectic around here. Grandpa's emphysema flared up and He and Grandma had to move in with us for a while.

Now, let me set things's MY house, MY couch, MY food.

Whatdaya mean I have to share? They never get off MY couch unless they're on MY bed!!!

Anyway, they're back in their house now and so hopefully I can catch up soon.

BTW.....BIG NEWS....we have two froggies in our garden! Wow...they're cool!! I tried to give one a kiss but Mommy stopped me as she screamed at the froggie!! He hopped away but I'll kiss him next time!!
Love, Tegan


  1. Hi Tegan - I haven't blog barked much either.
    I can understand the word *hectic*. Mom is flying to New Jersey (AGAIN) - this time to pick up my Grandma (she's 90 years old) and bring her to California to live with us.

    We're all hoping that Ollie doesn't lift his leg up against her.

    Hugs and yips,
    Cappy ~~ and Ollie too

  2. Wow, we are behind - we bet it was fun when you had your grandpa and grandma there - they are usually really good at doing scritches! And we are glad he is better now and could go back home - that is always a good thing.

    And boy, frogs - so cool!

  3. Hi there,
    Cappy & Ollie: hope all goes well with Grandma and Mom's trip. No lifting Ollie =)

    Yep Amy and house of're right....they are great at scritches and they rarely move so they keep the couch warm too.
    We are very grateful he's better.

    Love you all, Tegan