Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bud Light Eskies

Never ever mess with the Bud Lights of an Eskie owner.

What are the odds that Budweiser has now used almost every single pet my Mommy and Daddy ever owned?

First there was Spuds McKenzie! He (she actually) was an English Bull Terrier. My Daddy owned an English Bull Terrier long before those commercials were famous. My Daddy tells me that Hugo was tan and white, where Spuds was almost completely white.

Then there was the series of commercials featuring Frankie and Louie the lizards and the Budweiser frogs. Now, neither my Mommy or Daddy owned lizards and/or frogs, BUT... my Mommy did once own some ferrets.

Now it’s Eskies! What’s next? A feline with one backwards fang?! (Gromit, call your kitty attorney!)


  1. That is funny that your mom and dad had so many of the same animals as the commercials! We think the eskie commercial is very cute!

  2. Hi Tegan - loved the commercials, especially the Eskie one. Our human sister, Lauren brought her ferret (Loki) to California from New York

    At the time, Delta was the only airline which accepted ferrets in cabin as carry-on baggage. She flew to Reno (where we met her) and we smuggled the ferret across the border to California (not a ferret-friendly state).

    Hugs and yips.
    Cappy and Ollie

  3. We know someone who relocated to California and have heard the stories about having to smuggle ferrets across the Californian state line. Shame on you Guh-VA-Nator of CAL-EE-FOUR-NEE-YAH! Change the rules for the ferret people.