Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Name

My name "Tegan" comes from the British Science Fiction Show Doctor Who. It's been my Daddy's favorite show for a very long time. He says it's a way better show than Star Trek or anything else out there. He said it's been on for 45 years now, so they've got a lot of catching up to do!

Anyway! Do you want to know what the funny thing is about my name? While it’s my Daddy that’s the Doctor Who Geek in the house, it was my Mommy that chose the name for me! When my Mommy was watching a "behind-the-scenes" episode of the new series of Doctor Who with Daddy, she found out her favorite companion, Captain Jack Harkness, had a dog in real life that he had named Tegan. She must have liked the name!

I don’t care why she chose it, but I’m glad she did! It’s a very good name because everyone hated Marshmallow. Even me. Can you believe they named me Marshmallow?!?

Anyway, in the show, the character of Tegan Jovanka was an Australian Stewardess. (They still called them stewardesses in 1981.) Tegan was stubborn, loud, direct, and not afraid to speak her mind. JUST LIKE ME!! She even described herself in the show as "just a mouth on legs." JUST LIKE ME! She often argued with the Doctor. JUST LIKE I DO WITH MY BROTHER GROMIT THE CAT, OR ANYONE WHO TRIES TO TOUCH MY BUTT!

Tegan Jovanka first appeared in the 4th Doctor’s very last episode. He was the Doctor that wore all those really long scarves. He then changed into the one who wore cricket clothes.

There have now been six other Doctors since him. The newest one, #11, starts his shows in the Spring of this year. So as you can probably tell, my Daddy is really, really excited. Yes, my Daddy really is a Who Geek. Woof!

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