Saturday, June 19, 2010


VERY SCARY FRIDAY .....big scary storms came through and knocked out our power yesterday afternoon when Gromit and I were home alone. We were both pretty frazzled when Mommy & Daddy came home from work! Power came back on just in time for Daddy to make dinner. THEN again last night the big winds returned and lots of heavy rain with lots of lightening and thunder stayed going through the night. Whew!! Glad we're all okay. Mommy said this picture was taken in Naperville where they work and that it got dark as night around 3:45 yesterday afternoon.....way too scary for me.
Sun is shining brightly today...yippie!

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  1. Hi Tegan - That does sound frightening !!!

    Our sister lives in Niles, Michigan and she reported that they experienced the same type of weather. Their power eventually came back on, but parts of the area are still in the dark.

    Hugs and yips,