Sunday, March 14, 2010


I finally got Mommy off the computer so I wanted to tell you about a very exciting day I had a while back. Mommy said that we would have been able to post this sooner but she had not gotten the pictures off the camera yet....I told her that if she would cut back her Farmville time she would have more ESKIE time...hahahaha. Anyway, I GOT MAIL!!!

Prints the cat's Mommy made me a necklace and here I am sniffing inside the box. I was soooooooo excited!!! We also got a bonus gift....a magnet of precious Hana....Prints' angel sister.
We were big fans of her bloggie and angel sisters are very special indeed.... my angel sister is named Kodi. The magnet is on our fridge so we can see Hana's sweet face everyday!
The necklace fit me perfectly and I think I look like an Eskie Princess when I wear it!
We would like to say thanks to Elise and to all our bloggie friends! We love you!!


  1. You look beautiful in your necklace.:)

    Teddy Bear

  2. Oh you look gorgeous in your necklace! And what a nice thing to include the magnet. What a very sweet gift!!

  3. Tegan, did you put your snout in that cardboard roll? I hope your snout didn't get stuck and that you were able to play with the cardboard!!!

    You look gorgeous in your necklace! You do look like a princess... I hope your parents are treating you like one. Princess Tegan. That has a nice sound to it, don't you think?

  4. Thanks Everyone!

    Yes, Prints, I did try and put my snout in the cardboard roll but my snout was too big =(

    Mommy put the necklace back in the box to keep it pretty for special occasions and to protect it from Gromit who LOVES to chew on ribbons!!!